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Detex Corporation is a world-class manufacturer and distributor of products that protect people, secure property, and assure the life safety and security objectives of our customers. Their life safety, security door hardware and integrated door security systems are used world-wide in a variety of situations. Detex offers not only stand-alone door control systems but they can also supply access-controlled doors, electric dogging with central control, automatically operated doors, delayed egress and weatherized delayed egress door control systems.

If your facility also employs watchman or guards on-site and you would like to employ a verification system for their daily tasks, Detex Corporation offers a wide variety of devices, systems and software that can be utilized in most every application.

Detex Corporation's website is:

If you would like further information, literature, an on-site review of your particular application or a sample product for a trial and any assistance in quoting your needs, please feel free to contact us at:

Phone: 816-221-3322   Fax: 816-221-5566   Email: